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Hong Kong
(HK), officially “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China”, is an autonomous territory of the People’s Republic of China under a one country, two systems concept on the southern coast of China at the Pearl River Estuary and the South China Sea having a total land area of approximate 1104 sq. km.  On 1 July 1997, the transfer of sovereignty of HK from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China took place. HK is a major international financial centre, comprising an integrated network of institutions and markets which provide a wide range of products and services to local and international customers and investors.

Brief on HK private company limited by liabiltiies, HK guarantee company and public company:
Corporate features
Type of company Private company limited by liabilities
(most common)
Company limited by guarantee (without share capital) Public company
Political stability Good
Type of Law Common law
Principal corporate legislation The Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622)
(former Act: The Companies Ordinance (Chapter 32))
Corporate tax on profits Yes, rate of 16.5%
Government annual license fee (i.e. Business Registration fee) HKD2,250 (HKD2,000 waived wef 1 April 2016)
Change in domicile permitted No
Language of Name Latin Alphabet (i.e. English) and/or Chinese
Corporate requirements
Standard issued and paid up share capital 10,000 shares N/A 10,000 shares
Minimum issued and paid up capital HKD1 N/A HKD1
Permitted currency Any N/A Any
Minimum number of shareholder One
Minimum number of director One Two Two
Corporate director permitted No
Corporate shareholder permitted Yes
Company Secretary required Yes, mandatory and resident in HK
Beneficial owner information No, to your services provider only, and NOT to the public
Publicly accessible directors and shareholders information Yes
Local requirements
Registered Office Yes
Local director No
Local shareholder No
Local Company Secretary Yes
Local directors / shareholders meetings No
Register of Shareholders information Yes, have to filed with the HK Registry
Register of Directors information Yes, have to be filed with the HK Registry
Annual requirements
Annual Return Yes
Annual Meeting Yes
Filing Annual Audited Accounts No, no need filing but need auditing annually Yes Yes

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